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Here at AKROTHIRI, cocktails are an important part of our visitor’s complete experience.
Our experienced bartenders at AKROTHIRI create unique classic and signature cocktails with inspiration and art.
Fresh herbs, crushed ice, lime, brown sugar, fruit and rum, gin or tequila give their flavors to the summer.
Dependant on the moment and your mood, select the cocktail of your choice.
It’s certainly worth trying our imaginative signature cocktails!
For example the Katsouni, whose name is derived from the traditional Santorinian cucumber!
Exceptional choices are also the Akrothiri cocktails, such as Mastichito which is named after the Greek Masticha.
Come and try them!


Our cellar consists of selected labels of White, Rose and Red wines which could ideally accompany your meal.
Our labels originate from Greek vineyards and wineries of Santorini with the two most famous varieties of the island Asirtiko and Mavrotragano, and not forgetting the traditional sweet wine Vinsanto.